Fountain Art Fair was founded in 2006 as an attempt to leverage support for smaller independent galleries to gain access to larger collectors and critics. Since its inception, Fountain has held five exhibitions in Miami, one in Chicago, and is now celebrating its sixth exhibition in New York.

From its roots deep within the independent Williamsburg art scene, Fountain has grown to represent over 20 international avant-garde galleries and projects, showcasing progressive primary-market works.

Fountain’s venue, Pier 66 Maritime, is a 10,000 square-foot complex adjacent to all the major New York exhibitions such as The Armory Show and Pulse New York.

“The artists displaying their multimedia wares here are true avant-garde upstarts. Saturating your eyeballs with new imagery while listing on a rusty boat? Priceless.” -NBC New York

“Presenting a solid mix of street art, fine art, installation, performance, and all around general creativity, the Fountain Art Fair was a breath of fresh air for those tired of the white tents and fancy cocktails.”

“Possessed of a scrappy, youthful verve lacking in its more prestigious neighbors. Fountain was distinguished by a vintage street/self-taught aesthetic” -ArtForum

“The way an art fair should be.” -The Economist

“For a riverside art fair with more grit, the Fountain Art Fair truly delivers. Named after Duchamp’s famous urinal, this one had the piss and vinegar. It’s this scrappy energy that augurs well for the continued vitality of art in the age of the declining Dow.” -Time Out New York

What IT Is

Amanda Browder and Martin Esteves interview Tom Burtonwood at the Fountain Art Fair in New York last month. We talk about What It Is, is; and some of the artists we were showing in NYC including Lise Haller Baggesen and Sabina Ott. Thank you Bad at Sports!

Bad at Sports Episode 293 NYC Fairs 2011