This blog contains writing, information and news updates about art exhibitions, curating projects, teaching and related work by Lise Haller Baggesen. It was started in May 2011, as a ‘creationalist’ blog, in the sense that it is born with a memory of my activities over the last couple of years, since I relocated to Chicago from Amsterdam in the summer of 2008.

The menu item “Mothernism” contains all blog entries, interviews, news and texts related to my ongoing writing and installation project “Mothernism.”

“Show Room” contains blog entries related to my own art work and shows.

“Reading Room” contains my writing; essays,  art criticism etc. which has been published elsewhere (mainly the Chicago art blog Bad at Sports) and reblogged here with publishers kind permission.

As some items overlap categories, they may appear in more menu’s.

For archive of (visual) documentation of my work from before 2008, please visit:

For my CV click here.