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Then, we tried to name our babies
But we forgot all the names that
The names we used to know
But sometimes
We remember bedrooms
And our parent’s bedrooms
And the bedrooms of our friends

–Arcade Fire

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Graffiti at the Heidelberg Project. Photo by Lise Haller BaggesenHOME IS WHERE THE ART IS !?

On our visit to the Heidelberg project on June 3rd 2012, during the SAIC study trip Detroit from the Ground Up, I took the picture above of one of Tyree Guyton’s characteristic ‘dot’ paintings covered in graffiti from visitors from all over the world.

Across it, at the bottom, someone has scribbled in large sprawling letters:


I doubt this slogan originated here, in fact this bastardized version of the old truism “Home is where the heart is” is the KILROY of the art world. It pops up here and there as stickers or buttons or in bathroom stalls of squatted art spaces, and more exhibitions than I can recall bore this title. But what this anonymous graffiti artist lacked in originality (s)he made up for in poignancy, because never had this slogan looked more at home than in Detroit.

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