IMG_2453IMG_2461IMG_2427IMG_2542IMG_2553IMG_2552IMG_2580One night, I fell in love with a real stallion. He was incredibly handsome and kind. We would communicate telepathically, by putting our foreheads together. He could read my mind like nobody’s business. It was a mind fuck; genius brainchildren would emerge from our brow fully formed. When I discovered I was pregnant I was elated, although a little concerned what my husband might think, when junior was born a centaur. I decided to jump that fence when I got to it and woke up in a state of bliss.

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This photo shoot took place in Manawa, Wisconsin, and St. Restrup, Denmark, in July 2017.

Thanks to my models, Eleanor, Ceal, Michelle, Elisa, Pernille, Nina, Cherie, Silke, Bobby and Miss Perfect, for making the magic happen, and to my photographers Jonathan Ross and Mark Flensted for capturing it!