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Beauty Is the New Punk Rock

Little Lady Liberty Looking Lost is a portrait of Lise Haller Baggesen’s daughter, who, for the occasion of Halloween is dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. The girl is averting her head, and it is her striking apparel and shiny locks of hair that catch the eye. Supple strokes of chalk make a sketchy impression of the child figure. The vividly colored lines of the hair further emphasize the distance to reality: the whole figure could be conceived as ornament. Here, Haller Baggesen plays an airy game with the traditions of her métier, with virtuosity—because she is skillful and she likes her handiwork—and mockingly, by making her daughter, crowned as the Statue of Liberty, the center of adoration. The mockery is underlined by the title of the work, which, together with its sister image Little Lady Liberty Licking Lollipop, can be perceived as a mild satiric comment on the ideals of “Liberty for All” of Haller Baggesen’s new “homeland.” Read the rest of this entry »

A Days Darkness in a Light Bulb
za 05-09-2009 – zo 04-10-2009
opening: Vrijdag 4 september van 20.00-22.00 uur

The exhibition ’A Days Darkness in a Light Bulb’ includes new work by Peggy Franck, Lise Haller Baggesen, Kristine Hymøller and Malin Persson. It’s a group show with paintings, drawings, photograph, installation and sculpture.

The artists are connected in their curiosity and experimental approach towards material, color and form. Classical and unconventional languages forge ahead and elevate new frameworks, exploring and challenging traditional borders.

The format of a group show allows the beauty of the various works to interact, to evolve naturally as a playground for meetings in which new and independent stories appear. Read the rest of this entry »