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HATORADE RETROGRADE debuted at Chicago’s Threewalls/Rational Park in May 2016 and was received with an Art Forum Critics pick by Matt Morris:

It features a selection of sartorial works set against a backdrop of revisionist “lipstick formalist” paintings to present a dystopian vision of the US anno 2033.

In this glimmering post-capitalist burnout we must learn to make-do-and-mend, to repurpose art for art’s sake, and perhaps to forgive –but not forget–certain moments in the past when we were all hitting the Hatorade a little too hard. HATORADE RETROGRADE paints a bleak but hilarious picture of our shared predicament: on the intersectional battlefield we traverse there is no one-size-fits-all body armor, yet we cannot let our guards down post-feminism, until we arrive at post-gynophobia.

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Propeller Fund announces a public celebration in honor of the 15 winners of the initial Propeller Fund awards.First Awards Celebration
Thursday, October 28, 6 pm
The Great Space
Art + Design Hall, 5th Floor
University of Illinois at Chicago
400 South Peoria Street
Chicago, IL 60607Come celebrate the winners and the community with food, drink and music.

Propeller Fund was initiated in 2010 to build the small, self-organized operations that constitute a large catalyst for the creative activity and vitality of the Chicago visual art world. Support is provided to visual arts projects that are: independent, informal, and self-organized. Read the rest of this entry »