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Hi All — thanks for following my work! I have launched a new site with all my work and new content — hope to see you over here:


Painted Ponies are the gateway drug to art because when you ride into a new town and you are not exactly socially awkward, but not exactly mainstream, a pony drawing is a contract that says you come in peace.

Painted Ponies are the gateway drug to art because they can grant you access to the real deal, like real ponies. A pony drawing can be an IUO. IOU a ponyride, f.ex.

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This month I had the great pleasure of participating in Tricia van Eck’s “Pleasure Zone” at Théâtre de la Ville in Paris (F) with my installation “Sound of Silver Talk to Me.” The installation will be up until July 2016.

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A video interview with Fred Sasaki for the Poetry Foundation in Chicago.

Dear Adam,


Remember how you always tell me how much you love Venice and how you want to go back there? And how Hong Kong is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? And how cool it would be if we could all just go and live out on Lamma Island with the hippies, next to the Buddhist monasteries and the big nuclear power plant, and we could eat seafood and get deep tissue massages and trade in our books at the local second hand bookstore, so we would never run out of things to read, so we would not really need anything. Except sometimes, we would take the ferry over to the main island, where you can get EVERYTHING. I mean, not everything that money can buy, but all that and everything else, and yet nowhere else is so pervaded by the sense that it’s all just…it’s all just Samsara, which is a Buddhist term meaning ‘continuous flow’ or stream of consciousness, but also it means that everything is just an illusion, a figment of your imagination…


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