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The installation If We Can’t Play, I Don’t Wanna Be Part Of Your Revolution  was my contribution to Tricia Van Eck’s Bling Bling show –a visual extravaganza conceived as 6018 North’s presence at Expo Chicago 2014.

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IMG_2590Peace Out at Terrain in Oak Park for the 4th of July and for the Summer of Love 2014 in honor of the Great American Hippie. Although often ridiculed the hippie is a remainder and reminder of a time the idea of “PEACE in the US” could be entertained as a possibility and not an irony –so how come that in 2014 this notion seems as simultaneously radical and ridiculous as “Anarchy in the UK” did in the 80’s?

We invite you to come out and let your inner hippie hang out at Terrain for a minute or for an afternoon, to entertain the idea that PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING is a possibility and not an irony. Let it be. Read the rest of this entry »


On January 21st, Kirsten Leenaars and I had the great pleasure of taking our Boulevard Dreamers Project to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and transform the museum’s atrium space to a stage and green room.
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Artist’s Statement:

The “fakeness” of glam points (like the finger at the mirror ball, its reflection pointing back at itself) to the bigger “fakeness”, the samsara of everything else, yet at the same time to the melancholia of our codependency on this fake old world –hence the true melancholia of true glamour. It’s only Rock’n’Roll, but we like it.

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This Interview by Caroline Picard with Tricia van Eck, John Preus, Sabina Ott, Jane Jane Jerardi and myself was originally published on the blog Bad at Sports. It is reblogged here with her kind permission:

Under the eaves of Navy Pier, four artists install four iterations of domestic space. These spaces — a bedroom, kitchen, living room, and studio — are envisioned expressly as artist domiciles, fittingly embedded in the commercial throng and hype of a contemporary art fair. Fitting, I suggest, because they are interdependent while nevertheless at odds. The aroma, mess and casual experimentation of a kitchen is a far cry from the professional white sea of gallery cubicles. Yet of course they are interconnected; the artist must sleep somewhere, just as he or she must also engage a commercial market. This juxtaposition manifests like a dream; it is hard to know if the domestic space is dreaming that it is in an exposition hall, or if the exposition hall is dreaming that it harbors domesticity. Emphasizing this surreal tension HOME reminds fair-goers of the quotidian world behind the otherwise sharp and prestigious kingdom of commerce. In the following interview I was able to discuss the project with curator Tricia van Eck and its participating artists, Lise Haller Baggesen, Sabina Ott, John Preus and Jane Jerardi.

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Boulevard Dreamers, Lise Haller Baggesen and Kirsten Leenaars

The Franklin Opening August 31st, 6-10 pm 

Come out and enjoy the staging of staging, the theatre of theatre, the performance of performance and the labor of love, this Labor Day Weekend!

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Graffiti at the Heidelberg Project. Photo by Lise Haller BaggesenHOME IS WHERE THE ART IS !?

On our visit to the Heidelberg project on June 3rd 2012, during the SAIC study trip Detroit from the Ground Up, I took the picture above of one of Tyree Guyton’s characteristic ‘dot’ paintings covered in graffiti from visitors from all over the world.

Across it, at the bottom, someone has scribbled in large sprawling letters:


I doubt this slogan originated here, in fact this bastardized version of the old truism “Home is where the heart is” is the KILROY of the art world. It pops up here and there as stickers or buttons or in bathroom stalls of squatted art spaces, and more exhibitions than I can recall bore this title. But what this anonymous graffiti artist lacked in originality (s)he made up for in poignancy, because never had this slogan looked more at home than in Detroit.

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