A Days Darkness in a Light Bulb
za 05-09-2009 – zo 04-10-2009
opening: Vrijdag 4 september van 20.00-22.00 uur

The exhibition ’A Days Darkness in a Light Bulb’ includes new work by Peggy Franck, Lise Haller Baggesen, Kristine Hymøller and Malin Persson. It’s a group show with paintings, drawings, photograph, installation and sculpture.

The artists are connected in their curiosity and experimental approach towards material, color and form. Classical and unconventional languages forge ahead and elevate new frameworks, exploring and challenging traditional borders.

The format of a group show allows the beauty of the various works to interact, to evolve naturally as a playground for meetings in which new and independent stories appear.

Peggy Franck deals with the extension of inherently ‘flat’ photography into space. She composes in so-called studio settings atmospheric ensembles aiming towards a precise section of the image. In her installations aspects of staging and performance come to effect and objects of daily life emerge next to a minmalist play of form and color. Dramatic narration meets abstract surrounding, content seems to collide with form as does space with photography.

Lise Haller Baggesen will present a new series of works, her first since moving to Chicago with her family in 2008.

Adorned with glitters, the pastel drawings and acrylic paintings on black velour resemble airbrushed t-shirts and velvet posters, lifting the average everydayness of family life into the realms of idolatry.

As much as in the motives for the posters and banners, her experience of life in America is reflected in the choice of material: more shallow and glittery on the one hand, more deep and dark on the other.

Malin Persson is presenting a variety of paintings made 2007 – 2009. She has analyzed the landscape for a longer period of time and experimented with the contrast between light and dark colors to find ‘New landscapes’. As a result of this the work has begun taking on different forms and becoming more abstract.

Kristine Hymøller’s recent work integrates formal sculptural language into aesthetic completion. She will present a large sculptural installation combining classical shapes, basic objects and most recently: human body parts.

Additional she shows the animation TwoSome a relooping animation where she uses photographs of human models – incorporating a moving interpretation of sculptural requisites.